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Bayer Season Long Grub Control Plus Turf Revitalizer

Where To Use: Lawns, flower beds, ground covers, and around trees & shrubs. When To Use: May through mid-august; late summer to mid-fall for European Crane fly. How Much To Use: See spreader settings. Directions For Use: It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Before use, read and follow these directions when using. Restrictions: Do not apply near fish pools, ponds, streams or lakes. Do not use in vegetable gardens. Do not apply more than 0.4 lbs of imidacloprid (the active ingredient in this product) per acre per year. This bag contains 0.03 lbs of imidacloprid. Water thoroughly within 24 hours after applying. Do not mow until the granules are watered into the soil. Avoid applying this product to waterlogged areas, as this may decrease the product’s effectiveness. Do not allow children and pets to enter the treated area until the product has been watered in and allowed to dry. To Control When to Apply: Grubs: Apply once, anytime from may through mid-august. Billbugs and Annual Bluegrass Weevils: Apply once, when adults are present in large numbers, early to late spring. European Crane Fly Larvae: Apply once, when these insects are present in large numbers, late summer to mid-fall. Mole Crickets: Apply once, anytime from mid-may through mid-June. Florida Residents: Apply once, any time between early April through early may. Lawns: How Much: See spreader settings. Adjust spreader to the proper setting (see spreader settings). To be sure you cover the entire area uniformly, first treat the border of the lawn then fill in the center. Make parallel passes, walking at a steady pace to ensure even distribution of the granules. Water thoroughly after applying. Flower Beds, Ground Covers Trees & Shrubs: How Much: 0.4 oz (1-1/4 tablespoons) per 10 sq. ft. Of planting bed. 4 oz (1 cup) per 100 sq. ft. of planting bed. Spread granules evenly to the soil over flower beds, ground cover plantings, shrub beds and under trees. Tip: A hand-held spreader makes this easy. Rake granules into the soil around plants. Water thoroughly after applying. Product Information: Apply early, before grubs, billbugs, annual bluegrass weevils, European crane files, and mole crickets hatch, contact extension agent for the ideal dates to apply in your area. You may spread this product over soil or mulch. If present, remove weed barrier before applying. Signs of Damage to Lawns: Grubs: White grubs cause extensive damage to lawns by feeding on grass roots. Grass turns yellow, then brown and dies. Grubs chew off roots so that the grass is easily pulled up in pieces with your hands. You can roll it back like a carpet to reveal the grubs. If patches of dead grass appeared in your lawn late last summer check for grubs. Billbugs and Annual Bluegrass weevils: Grass turns yellow, then brown, and dies. Stems of damaged grass break off easily. European Crane Fly Larvae: European crane fly larvae often cause damage by feeding on grass roots and disrupting the soil surface. Mole Crickets: Mole crickets often cause extensive damage by tunneling through lawns. Some species also feed on roots. Tunneling uproots the grass so it easily dries out. Lawns turn yellow, become thin, weedy and can eventually die. How It Works: After the product granules are watered in, a protective zone is formed in the soil. If applied early, this product kills grubs, billbugs, annual blue grass weevils, European crane flies, and mole crickets when they hatch before they can cause damage. Also can suppress chinch bug and cutworm populations if applied when they are young. Spreader Settings: If your spreader is not listed, please call our consumer service hotline toll free at 877-229-3724 for help. Rate for grubs, billbugs, annual bluegrass weevils and European crane fly larvae: 2.4 lbs. For 1,000 sq. ft. Rate for mole crickets and suppression of chinch bugs and cutworms: 3 lbs. Per 1,000 sq. Ft. Spreader Settings: Broadcast Spreaders Model: Earthway EV-N-Spread Rotary: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 12.0; 3 lb. Rate Setting - 13.0; Distance Between Passes - 3.0 ft. K-Gro Rotary: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 3.5; 3 lb Rate Setting - 4.0; Distance Between Passes - 5.5 ft. Republic EZ Rotary (No: 540): 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 3.5; 3 lb Rate Setting - 4.0; Distance Between Passes - 5.0 ft. Scotts Edgeguard: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 5.0; 3 lb Rate Setting - 5.5; Distance Between Passes - 4.0 ft. Scotts Easygreen (No: EB-3): 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 27.0; 3 lb Rate Setting - 28.0; Distance Between Passes - 3.0 ft. Scotts Speedy Green 1000: Scotts: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 3.0; 3 lb Rate Setting - 3.5; Distance Between Passes - 4.0 ft. Scotts Speedy Green 2000, 3000: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 5.25; 3 lb Rate Setting - 5.75; Distance Between Passes - 3.5 ft. Sears Rotary: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 3.5; 3 lb Rate Setting - 4.0; Distance Between Passes - 5.0 ft. Vigoro Rotary (No: SB4000V): 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 4.0; 3 lb Rate Setting - 4.5; Distance Between Passes - 3.0 ft. Vigoro Rotary (No: SB3000RD): 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 2.5; 3 lb Rate Setting - 3.0; Distance Between Passes - 2.5 ft. Drop Spreaders Model: K-GRO Drop: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 7.5; 3 lb Rate Setting - 8.0; Distance Between Passes - N/A. Republic EZ Drop (No: 530): 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 7.5; 3 lb Rate Setting - 8.0; Distance Between Passes - N/A. Scotts Accugreen 1000, 2000: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 7.0; 3 lb Rate Setting - 8.0; Distance Between Passes - N/A. Scotts Accugreen 3000: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 7.8; 3 lb Rate Setting - 8.25; Distance Between Passes - N/A. Sears Drop: 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 7.5; 3 lb Rate Setting - 8.0; Distance Between Passes - N/A. Vigoro Drop (No: DS4000V, DS4500RD): 2.4 lb. Rate Setting - 2.75; 3 lb Rate Setting - 3.0; Distance Between Passes - N/A. Settings are approximate. The condition of your spreader, the speed at which you walk and uneven terrain affect the rate of application. Calibrate your spreader according to the manufacturer's directions. Tip: 1000 sq. ft. = 20 ft. X 50 ft. Do not use a spreader that applies granules in narrow, concentrated or uneven bands. Be sure the spreader works properly and spreads granules evenly. Storage and Disposal: Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage of disposal. Pesticide Storage: Store in original container in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked storage cabinet. Pesticide Container: If Empty: Non-refillable container. Do not refill or reuse this container. Place in trash or offer for recycling if available. If Partly Filled: call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.
., Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid (0.25%). Other Ingredients: (99.75%), Total (100.00%), Soluble Potash (K2o) Derived from: Urea and Muriate of Potash.